The mission of the HCDI is to develop high standards agricultural professionals and provides needful assistance towards increasing agricultural production in haor and char areas through technological innovations and conducting resource-based and demand-driven research programmes.

The working missions of this institute are:

  • to increase agricultural production through adoption of climate-resilient high yielding crop varieties as well as ensuring higher cropping intensity;
  • to increase fish and livestock production through need-based integrated approach;
  • to adopt improved agricultural mechanization attaining higher cropping intensity as well as reduction of harvesting loss;
  • to ensure appropriate price of produced agricultural products through improved market management;
  • to provide adapting and sustaining training programme among the haor and char’s farmers to upgrade the existing knowledge and skill in a better manner;
  • to take necessary initiatives so that this institute can act as a bridge between the researchers and the people’s of haor and char areas ensuring firm relationships.
  • to promote a collaborative research at institutional, national and international level on different agricultural areas for new discoveries and solutions to haor and char problems.