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Vice Chancellor


Professor Dr. Md. Ali Akbar

Assalamu Alaikum wa Rahmatullah.

Welcome to the evergreen campus of Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU). Green is the symbol of life, a radiant and vibrant life that forms the core of human existence and civilization; and exactly that is what we all are here involved in with our dreams and deeds. As the pioneer and prime seat of higher agricultural education and research in the country, the scholastic pursuit of this university covers all the domains of agricultural sciences having bearing on terrestrial and aquatic production and productivity. In this way, we play the vital role in greening this small part of the planet Earth- our dearest motherland Bangladesh. In Bangladesh, BAU is the oldest leading institution in the area of Agriculture with more than 40 years of international reputation. BAU prides itself not because of its age but for the depth of its involvement. For years, it has demonstrated its excellence and brilliance in teaching and research with its esteemed academicians whose dedication and commitment in conveying their worldly wisdom, enlightening the path of the nation's development beyond normal boundaries. From its humble beginnings in 1961 BAU has expanded its frontiers in various fields of Agriculture with science and engineering such as Agriculture, Veterinary Science, Animal Husbandry, Agricultural Engineering and Technology, Food Engineering, and Agri Economics. BAU strive towards excellence through the practice of high quality culture in teaching and research. It aims to be a world class university with the vision of being an academic hub that creates the intellectual capital required for the development of the nation and sustaining the growth of the country. The BAU always goes for the best and that is why it puts top priority on the quality and relevance of its academic, research, training and extra-mural activities and services. We always maintain a kind of flexibility to integrate the latest scientific advancement in order to meet the challanges of the new millennium. All our endeavors have, thus, been directed to awaken the vigor and vitality of Bangladesh agriculture. I hope that whoever visits this website will get a clear picture of BAU as a whole and will help him make the right choice. Discover the university for yourself, explore the available opportunities to develop your potentials and realize your dreams.


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