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Mr. Md.   Tahjib-Ul-Arif (study leave)
Mr. Md. Tahjib-Ul-Arif (study leave)

Assistant Professor Contact No : +8801747772120
Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Email : arif1002215@gmail.com
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Research Interest:   Plant Biochemistry, Plant Molecular Biology, Plant stress physiology, Abiotic stress
MS In Biochemistry And Molecular Biology
Bangladesh Agricultural University
B.Sc.Ag (Hons)
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Government Science College, Tejgoan
Dupchanchia Pilot High School, Bogra
Total Number:  6

2016-2017: Principal Investigator, Cardio-protective effects of nitrate rich vegetables, Funded by Ministry of Science and Technology.

2016-2017: Principal Investigator, Some biochemical approaches for successful rice seedling production under chilling stress at Northern part of Bangladesh, Funded by Ministry of Science and Technology.

2016-2017: Principal Investigator, Alleviating drought and chilling stress in rice by hydrogen peroxide priming, Funded by AU-GC.

2015-2016: Co-investigator, Effect of exogenous glycine betaine on mitigating abiotic stress in rice,  Funded by Ministry of Science and Technology

2015-2016: Project director, Ameliorative effect of supplemented muriate of potash on mitigating salt stress in rice, Funded by Ministry of Science and Technology

2014-2015: Research Assistant, Biochemical and molecular characterization of rice genotypes under salt stress, Funded by Ministry of Science and Technology

Total Number:  5

"Workshop on Scientific Report Writing" Organized by Institutional Quality Assurance Cell, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, 18-19 November, 2016.

"Teaching Methods and Techniques" Organized by Graduate Training Institute, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, 8 to 19 March, 2015.

"An Advanced Course on Communicative English" Organized by Department of Languages, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, April-May, 2015.

"Basics of MS Office" Organized by Graduate Training Institute, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, 30 August to 10 September, 2015.

"Extension Field Trip and  Preparation of a Report" Organized by Department of Agricultural Extension Education, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, May 2013 (6 days).

Assistant Professor
16 Feb, 2017 -
Bangladesh Agricultural University
16 Feb, 2015 - 15 Feb, 2017
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Total Number:  12
Journal Articles:
  1. Bashar KK, Tareq M, Amin M, Honi U, Md.Tahjib-Ul-Arif, Sadat M, Hossen QM. 2019. Phytohormone-mediated stomatal response, escape and quiescence strategies in plants under flooding stress. Agronomy. 9(2):43
  2. Sonya Afrin, Md Tahjib-Ul-Arif, Md Arif Sakil, Abdullah Al Mamun Sohag, Mohammed Arif Sadik Polash, M Afzal Hossain, 2019. Hydrogen peroxide priming alleviates chilling stress in rice (Oryza sativa L.) by enhancing oxidant scavenging capacity. Fundamental and Applied Agriculture. 4(1):713-722
  3. Md. Tahjib-Ul-Arif, Roy PR, Sohag AAM, Afrin S, Rady MM, Hossain MA. 2018. Exogenous calcium supplementation improves salinity tolerance in BRRI dhan28; a salt-susceptible high-yielding Oryza sativa cultivar. Journal of Crop Science and Biotechnology. 21(4):383-94
  4. Md. Tahjib-Ul-Arif, Md Nurealam Siddiqui, Abdullah Al Mamun Sohag, Md Arif Sakil, Md Mezanur Rahman, Mohammed Arif Sadik Polash, Mohammad Golam Mostofa, Lam-Son Phan Tran. 2018. Salicylic acid-mediated enhancement of photosynthesis attributes and antioxidant capacity contributes to yield improvement of maize plants under salt stress. Journal of Plant Growth Regulation. DOI: 10.1007/s00344-018-9867-y
  5. Mohammed Arif Sadik Polash, Md Arif Sakil, Md. Tahjib-Ul-Arif, Md Alamgir Hossain. 2018. Effect of salinity on osmolytes and relative water content of selected rice genotypes. Tropical Plant Research, 5(2):227-232. DOI: 10.22271/tpr.2018.v5.i2.029 
  6. Md. Arif Sakil, Mohammed Arif Sadik Polash, Md. Tahjib Ul Arif, Md Afzal Hossain, Md Alamgir Hossain. 2018. Cardioprotective molecule and bioactive compounds of some selected vegetables available in Bangladesh. Journal of the Bangladesh Agricultural University, 16(1):82-87. DOI: 10.3329/jbau.v16i1.36485
  7. Md. Tahjib‑Ul‑Arif, M. Abu Sayed, Mirza Mofazzal Islam, M. Nurealam Siddiqui, S. N. Begum, M. Afzal Hossain. 2018. Screening of rice landraces (Oryza sativa L.) for seedling stage salinity tolerance using morpho-physiological and molecular markers. Acta Physiologiae Plantarum. 40(4):70 DOI: 10.1007/s11738-018-2645-4
  8. Ghosh A, Md. Tahjib-Ul-Arif, Chamely SG, Haque MR, Rahman MM, Bhuiyan MAH. 2017. Comparative effect of arbuscular mycorrhiza, cowdung and phosphorus on growth and yield contributing characters of red amaranth (Amaranthus tricolor L.) and Indian spinach (Basella alba L.). Tropical Plant Research 4(2):254–263. DOI: 10.22271/tpr.2017.v4.i2.035
  9. Md. Tahjib-Ul-Arif, Sonya Afrin, Mirza Mofazzal Islam, Md. Afzal Hossain. 2017. Phenotypic  parameters  clustering  based  screening  of  rice (Oryza  sativa  L.)  landraces for salt tolerance. Asian Journal of Plant Sciences. 16:235-241. DOI: 10.3923/ajps.2017.235.241
  10. Popy Rani Roy, M.Tahjib-Ul-Arif, Tahmina Akter, Shuma Rani Ray, M. Abu Sayed. 2016. Exogenous ascorbic acid and hydrogen peroxide alleviate salt-induced oxidative stress in rice (Oryza sativa L.) by enhancing antioxidant enzyme activities and proline content. Advances in Environmental Biology. 10(10):148-154
  11. Shuma Rani Ray, Muhammad Javidul Haque Bhuiyan, Mohammad Anowar Hossain, Sakil Mahmud, Md. Tahjib-Ul-Arif. 2016. Chitosan Suppresses Antioxidant Enzyme Activities for Mitigating Salt Stress in Mungbean Varieties. IOSR Journal of Agriculture and Veterinary Science. 9(9):36-41
  12. MS Islam, MN Siddiqui, MA Sayed, Md. Tahjib-Ul-Arif, MA Islam, MA Hossain. 2015. Dietary effects of chitonsan and buckwheat (Fagopyrum esculentum) on the performance and serum lipid profile of broiler chicks. South African Journal of Animal Science. 45(4):429–440. DOI: 10.4314/Sajas.v4514.9
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National Science and Technology Fellowship Ministry of Science and Technology, Bangladesh For conducting MS research in food and agricultural science January 2015
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