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Dr. Emdadul Haque Chowdhury
Dr. Emdadul Haque Chowdhury

Professor Contact No : +8801712 017 381
Department of Pathology Email : emdad001@yahoo.com
Faculty of Veterinary Science
Research Interest:   Morphological Pathology and pathogenesis of infectious diseases, Molecular epidemiology of Transboundary Animal diseases, Diagnostic pathology, Biosecurity of farm animals, Food safety and safety evaluation of GM foods. 
Post Doc
National Institute of Animal Health, Japan
M. Sc. (Vet. Sc) In Pathology
Institute of Veterinary Pathology, University of Zurich
Total Number:  10

1. Research on Transboundary Animal diseases, PPR and Avian Influenza

2. Improving health and productivity through Mobile Veterinary Clinic.

3. Developemnt of Irradiated Mycoplasma Vaccine

4. Development pf Dignostic kits for the animal and poultry diseases

5. Biosecurity of farm animals.

6. Safety evaluation of genetically modified foods (GM foods)

Total Number:  22


Name of Courses/Training



Attended a training course on “Food safety management systems (FSMS) auditing skills”, jointly organized by Bangladesh Accreditation Board and FAO, 9 – 10 August, 2016



Attended a training course on “Food safety management systems (FSMS) ISO/TS 22003:2013 & ISO/IEC17021-1:2015



Attended a training course on “Food and Nutrition security” at Centre for Development and Innovation (CDI) in The Netherlands, 23 May 2016 – 22 June 2016.



Attended two meeting arranged by Center for Environmental Risk Assessment (CERA) on Food Safety Workshop and South Asia Bio-safety Conference accordingly 17-18 September 2016 and 19-21 September 2016 held at Hyderabad, India.



Attended a coordination meeting on “Supporting Early Warning, Response and Control of Transboundary Animal Diseases” 23-27 May 2016 held at Bangkok, Thailand.



Attended a training programe on “IP & Technology Management”, 09-13 May 2016 at Hyderabad, India.



Attended a 3 days long workshop on “The TEIN4 next-generation sequencing application” 2nd-4th December, 2014 at Perdana University, Malaysia.



Participated in the workshop on “Enabling and   facilitating teaching learning” 13 – 15 October, 2014 at BRAC/BCDM by Wageningen University, Netherlands. 




Completed training course on “Safety risk assessment of goods derived from genetically engineered plants, held at 19 -23 May 2014, New Delhi, India (Phase – I) and 15- 19 September 2014, Newark, Delaware, USA (Phase II).




Attended a 5 days long training course on “Risk analysis for transboundary animal diseases” held at Bogor, Indonesia from 10 -14 June 2013, organized by the International Atomic Energy Agency in cooperation with the Government of Indonesian through the Indonesian Research Centre for Veterinary Science, Bogor, Indonesia.




Attended a 3days long training course on online submission of articles, peer reviewing and online hosting of journals, held on 19 -21 May, 2012 in Bangladesh Academy of Science, Dhaka, jointly organized by Bangladesh Academy of Science and Bangla JOL.




Attended a 3 days long training course on “procurement and financial management” held on 22 – 24 January 2011 in Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council at Dhaka.



Attended a one-month long training course on Medicine and Surgery at Central Veterinary Hospital, DLS, Dhaka



Attended a three days long training course on “Operation of Audio Visual Equipments” at DLS, Dhaka



Attended a three-week long training course on “Teaching Methodology” at graduate Training Institute, BAU, Mymensingh



Attended a day long training course on “AFIP Toxicopathological Slide Reading” at Zurich Switzerland



Attended a day long training course on “AFIP Primate Pathology” at Zurich, Switzerland



Attended a specialized a 3-day long training course on “AFIP Histopathological Slide Reading” at Zurich, Switzerland.



Attended a one-week long training course on “Scientific Report Writing at Graduate Training Institute, BAU, Mymensingh



Attended a five-day long training course on “Project Cycle management” at Graduate Training Institute, BAU, Mymensingh



Attended specialized intensive two days training on “Bio-safety” at ICRISAT, Hyderabad, India



Attended a specialized intensive one week training course on “Bio-safety” at the National Institute of Food Science, Tsukuba, Japan



27 Jan, 2008 -
01 Apr, 1995 - 26 Apr, 1999
27 Jan, 2008 -
Associate Professor
27 Jan, 2004 - 26 Jan, 2008
Assistant Professor
27 Apr, 1999 - 26 Apr, 2004
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