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Training on Women’s Empowerment, Children’s Diet and Nutrition under Rapid Urbanization in Bangladesh held at BAU


A 5 day long online (virtual) training has been started under the Food and Agricultural
Organization (FAO) funded project " Linkages between Women’s Empowerment,
Children’s Diet and Nutrition under Rapid Urbanization in Bangladesh" with the
participation of 30 enumerators, who will collect field level information from the mothers
of ≤3 children for conducting research. Vice-chancellor Professor Dr. Lutful Hassan of
Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) was present as chief guest on this occasion.
He said that everyone should be awakened for more development of nutrition added crops
and it will be helpful for the health improvement of the mother and child. He also
mentioned that empowering women is one of the most important targets to achieve
SDG goals. Bangladesh is producing enough food, still many urban and peri-urban
children are not fed adequately diversified diets to ensure their optimal physical growth and
cognitive development. The child needs increased diversified nutrition to support rapid
growth. The government has ensured adequate measures to deal with the women and
child health situation, He added. This Training is organized by the Interdisciplinary
Institute for Food Security (IIFS), Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU),
Mymensingh, and Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO), Bangladesh. The Director
of the IIFS Professor Dr. A. S. Mahfuzul Bari presided over the inaugural function. Dr.
Sadika Haque is the Principal Investigator of this project. She said, the linkages
between child nutrition and women's empowerment is very important in our country. The
interaction with the child during the meal and the environments are very important
because good care can tackle problems when food and health services are limited. Dr.
Abu Torab Md. Abdur Rahim, Professor, Institute of Nutrition and Food Science, Dhaka
University, Dr. Hasmot Ali, Jivita Project, John Hopkins University; Dr. Mohammod
Kamruj Jaman Bhuiyan Dr. M. Nahid Sattar and Dr. Nazmul haque Shapon attended
the programme as co-PIs.

Publish Date :  13 Jul, 2020