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Dr. Auvijit Saha Apu
Dr. Auvijit Saha Apu

Associate Professor Contact No : +8809167401-6/Ext. 66119
Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics Email : auvijit_abg@bau.edu.bd, auvijit.bau@gmail.com
Faculty of Animal Husbandry ResearchGate
Research Interest:    Molecular Biology, Reproductive Biotechnology, Endocrinology, Conservation of Livestock biodiversity,
PhD    - 2016
Saitama University
MS In Animal Breeding And Genetics    - 2007
Bangladesh Agricultural University
B.Sc.A.H.    - 2005
Bangladesh Agricultural University
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Characterization, Conservation and Improvement of Indigenous Aseel Chicken of Bangladesh


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Associate Professor
26 Oct, 2016 -
Assistant Professor
26 Oct, 2011 - 25 Oct, 2019
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A)    List of published Journal articles:


1) Islam MM, Apu AS, Hoque SAM, Ali MY and Karmaker S. 2018. Comparative study on the libido, semen quality and fertility of Brahman cross, Holstein Friesian cross and Red Chittagong breeding bulls. Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science. 47 (2):61-67. https://doi.org/10.3329/bjas.v47i2.40236

2) Apu AS, Mondal A, Kitazawa T, Takemi S, Sakai T, Sakata I. 2016. Molecular cloning of motilin and mechanism of motilin-induced gastrointestinal motility in Japanese quail. General and Comparative Endocrinology 233: 53-62, Impact factor: 2.667.  10.1016/j.ygcen.2016.05.017


3) Takemi S, Sakata I, Apu AS, Tsukahara S, Yahashi S, Katsuura G, Iwashige F, Akune A, Inui A, Sakai T. 2016. Molecular cloning of ghrelin and characteristics of ghrelin-producing cells in the gastrointestinal tract of the common marmoset (Callithrix jacchus). Zoological Science, 33(5):497-504. Impact factor: 0.814.https://doi.org/10.2108/zs160020


4) Sultana F, Husain SS, Khatun A, Apu AS, Khandoker MAMY. 2013. Study on buck evaluation based on semen quality and fertility. Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science.  42 (2): 101-108.DOI: https://doi.org/10.3329/bjas.v42i2.18487


5)  Apu AS, Khandoker MAMY, Husain SS, Fakruzzaman M, Notter DR. 2012. A comparative study of fresh and frozen-thawed semen quality in relation to fertility of Black Bengal goats. Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Science. 2(2):157-161.http://ijas.iaurasht.ac.ir/article_513554.html


6)  Khandoker MAMY, Reza MMT, Asad LY, Saha S, Apu AS and Hoque SAM. 2012. In vitro maturation of buffalo oocytes and fertilization by cattle spermatozoa.  Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science. 41 (1): 6-12. DOI: https://doi.org/10.3329/bjas.v41i1.11969


7)  Haque MN, Husain SS, Khandoker  MAMY and Apu AS. 2012. Selection of Black Bengal breeding bucks based on progeny growth performance at nucleus breeding flock. International Research Journal of Applied Life Sciences (IRJALS). 1(4):1-14.https://pdfs.semanticscholar.org/eae5/aed6e5fa8d9dc53abd36c2b3b2d4bb5bbbbe.pdf


8) Fakruzzaman M, Akter, QS, Husain SS, Khandoker MAMY, Apu AS and Islam, M.R. 2012. Estrus characteristics of Black Bengal does under intensive condition. Iranian Journal of Applied Animal Science. 2(1):89-95. http://ijas.iaurasht.ac.ir/article_514339.html


9) Khandoker MAMY, Apu AS, Husain SS, Notter D.R. 2011. A baseline survey on the availability of Black Bengal breeding bucks in different districts of Bangladesh. Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University.9(1): 91-96.https://doi.org/10.3329/jbau.v9i1.8750


10)  Apu AS, Husain SS, Khandoker MAMY, Rahman AHMS, Mondal A and Notter DR. 2009. Effect of cryopreservation on sperm motility and fertility of Black Bengal goats. International Journal of Agriculture, Environment and Biotechnology. 2(2):184-187.


11) Rahman AHMS, Khandoker MAMY, Husain SS, Apu AS and Mondal A. 2009. Effect of age, body weight and scrotal circumference on semen output of Black Bengal buck. International Journal of Bioresearch 6(2): 92-96.


12) Apu AS, Husain SS, Khandoker MAMY, Rahman AHMS, Islam MR and Kabir AFMA. 2008. Productive and reproductive potentials of indigenous and crossbred dairy cows under farm condition. International Journal of Bioresearch. 5(4): 26-32.


13) Apu AS, Husain SS, Khandoker MAMY, Rahman AHMS and Notter DR. 2008. Investigation on seminal attributes and fertility of Black Bengal goat. Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science 37(2):17-24.https://doi.org/10.3329/bjas.v37i2.9877


14) Khandoker MAMY, Husain SS, Ali MS, Ali MR, Rahman MGM, Islam MR, Apu AS, Rahman AHMS, Mondal A, Mondal MA, Tareq KMA, Akther QS and Tsujii H. 2008. Biotechnological Approach for the Conservation of Animal Biodiversity in Bangladesh. Journal of the Faculty of Agriculture Shinshu University. 44 (1&2): 39-46.


15) Obaidullah SM, Islam MN, Bhuiyan AKFH, Apu AS, Rahman AHMS and Islam MA. 2008. Changes in the composition of colostrum of Red Chittagong cows from calving to transition in milk. International Journal of Bioresearch, 4(4):19-24.


16) Mondal A, Khandoker MAMY, Mondal MA, Rahman AHMS, Apu AS and Pervage S. 2008. In vitro production of goat embryos in Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science. 37 (1): 1-9.https://doi.org/10.3329/bjas.v37i1.9859


17) Rahman AHMS, Khandoker MAMY, Husain SS, Apu AS, Mondal A and Notter DR. 2008. Morphometric characterization and Relationship of body weight with linear body measurements of Black Bengal buck. Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science, 37(2): 8-16. https://doi.org/10.3329/bjas.v37i2.9876


18) Ullah MA, Ali MS, Apu AS, Rahman AHMS and Uddin MJ. 2008. Effect of growth promoter (Rooster plus) on economic performance of broilers. Bangladesh Journal of Progressive Science and Technology6(2): 349-352.


19) Hossain MR, Ali A, Rahman AHMS and Apu AS. 2008. Analysis of economic loss of flood victim broiler farms. Bangladesh Journal of Animal Science. 37 (1): 23 31. https://doi.org/10.3329/bjas.v37i1.9864


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21) Hossain MM, Apu AS, Rahman AHMS, Mondal A and Mondal MA. 2008. Performance evaluation of different F1 crossbred dairy cows under rural condition in milk vita area of Nilphamari district. Journal of the Bangladesh Society for Agricultural Science and Technology. 5 (1&2): 15-18.



 (B)  List of published abstracts in the proceedings of different conferences and workshops:



 1)  Apu AS, Mikami T, Ito K, Mondal A, Sakata I, Sakai T. Effects of restraint stress on gastric contraction in Suncusmurinus. The 67th congress of Zoological society of Japan, Kanto branch, Abs no. P-13, Tokyo, Japan, March 14, 2015.


2)  Apu AS, Chacrabati R, Mondal A, Kitazawa T, Kaiya H, Sakai T, Sakata I. Motilin-induced contraction occurs via direct action on the smooth muscles of the quail gastrointestinal tract. The 40th Annual Meeting of the Japan Society for Comparative Endocrinology, Abs No. E-46, Hiroshima, Japan, December 11-13, 2015.


3)  Saleque MA and Apu AS. 2013. Production and economic performance of small scale Sonali bird farming for meat production in Bangladesh. Paper presented in 8th International Poultry Show and Seminar (IPSS), WPSA-BB held on February 28 to March 2, 2013 in Dhaka, Bangladesh.


4)  Apu AS and Saleque MA. 2012. Impact of innovative approaches for increased family poultry production and scaling up the livelihoods in Bangladesh. Paper presented in XXIV World’s Poultry Congress (WPC) held on 5-9 August 2012 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.


5) Saleque MA, Rahman M and Apu AS. 2012. Effect of seasonal change on the performance of broiler in Bangladesh. Paper presented in XXIV World’s Poultry Congress (WPC) held on 5-9 August 2012 in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.


6) Apu AS, Khandoker MAMY and Husain SS. 2011.  Popularization of Black Bengal Goat farming: Need Policy Intervention, People’s Participation, and Promotion. Proceedings of the Conference  held under the Department of Animal Breeding and Genetics, Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, Bangladesh on 16 April, 2011  pp: 40-41.


7) Apu AS and Saleque MA. 2011. Innovative approaches to mitigate the outbreak of Diseases in family poultry. Paper presented in 9th Asia Pacific Poultry Conference: Sustainable production in the modern era held on March 20-23, 2011, Taipei, Taiwan. pp. 210


8)  Apu AS and Saleque MA. 2011. Pre-slaughter factors influencing mortality, live weight loss and carcass yield in broiler chickens transported to processing plant in Bangladesh. Paper presented in 9th Asia Pacific Poultry Conference: Sustainable production in the modern era held on March 20-23, 2011, Taipei, Taiwan. pp. 179.


9) Saleque MA and Apu AS. 2011. Biosecurity: Need Policy Intervention, people participation, promotion and practice to protect poultry. Proceedings of 9th Asia Pacific Poultry Conference: Sustainable production in the modern era held on March 20-23, 2011, Taipei, Taiwan. pp. 366.


10) Khandoker MAMY, Apu AS, Kabiraj SK, Karmaker S, Hoque SAM, Sultana F, Khatun A, Begum S, Mia MM, Husain SS and Notter DR 2010. Conservation of Black Bengal Goat as the Potential Genetic resource in Bangladesh. Proceedings of 7th Annual Conference of the Asian Reproductive Biotechnology Society, Equatorial Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, November 8-12, 2010 pp: 22.


11) Apu AS, Husain SS, Khandoker MAMY, Rahman AHMS and Mondal A. 2008. Pre- and post-freezing semen quality evaluation in relation to fertility of Black Bengal goats. Proceeding, 15thInternational Congress on Biotechnology in Animal Reproduction (ICBAR), Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh, August, 6-7. pp: 107-108.


12) Khandoker MAMY, Rahman AHMS, Apu AS, Mondal A, Husain SS and Notter DR. 2007. Conservation of Black Bengal goat as the potential genetic resource in Bangladesh: Adaptation of artificial insemination using frozen semen. Proceeding, VAST International Conference on Hanoi, Dec. 17-18. pp: 79-83.


13) Khandoker MAMY, Rahman AHMS, Apu AS, Mondal A, Husain SS, Notter DR and Mondal MA. 2007. Conservation of Black Bengal goat as the potential genetic resource in Bangladesh. Proceeding, BAU Research Progress. 18: 43.


14) Khandoker MAMY,Rahman  MGM, Pervage S, Mondal A, Rahman AHMS, Apu AS and Mondal MA. 2007. In Vitro Culture (IVC) of Bovine Embryos. Proceeding, BAU Research Progress. 18: 44.



(C) List of book published


1)  Apu AS. 2012. Fertility of fresh and frozen-thawed Black Bengal goat spermatozoaLAP Lambert Academic Publishing AG & Co KG (25 juillet 2012), 104 pages. ISBN-10: 365918666X.


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