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Dr. Razia  Sultana
Dr. Razia Sultana

Professor Contact No : 01758735137
Department of Agricultural Chemistry Email : razagchem@yahoo.com
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Research Interest:    Environmental Science, remediation of heavy metal from contaminated soil and water,  water quality assessment and treatment of waste water;  plant, soil and microbes interaction for growth promotion, bioremediation of heavy metal, hydrocarbon, PVC materials and plant protection using microbes.
PhD    - 2011
University Of Tsukuba, Japan
B.Sc.Ag(Hons.)     - 2003
Bangladesh Agricultural University
MS    - 2005
Bangladesh Agricultural University
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  • Environmental health and remediation of soil and water
    Phytoremediation and bioremediation of heavy metals, hydrocarbon, PAH
  • water quality and treatment
    Assessment of water quality, treatment of water through eletrocoagulation, chemical coagulation and through use of synthetic resin
  • Nutrient management
    Next-generation fertilisers, biological nitrogen fixation, Phospahte solubilization, excessive nutrient management trough using zeolite and resin material science and engineering solutions
  • Beneficial microbes and plant protection
  • soil and rhizohphere microbial communities, use of microbes against plant pathogens to control noxious disease
  • Beneficial microbes and rhizosphere processes
    Microbial communities in roots and rhizosphere, bio-stimulants and probiotics for sustainable agriculture
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May 2014       Online Health and Safety training in QUT, Australia

August 2012   Training on application of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)

September 2012 Training on application of Gas Liquid Chromatography

March 2008   International Collaborative Environmental Program (ICEP) in Graduate School of Life  and Environmental Sciences University of Tsukuba, Japan

March 2006     Training on Project Cycle management and TAPP preparation in Graduate Training Institute, BAU, Mymensingh

March 2003     Training on “Scientific report writing” in Graduate Training Institute, BAU form March 29-April 3, 2003.

10 Aug, 2015 -
Assistant Professor
10 Aug, 2007 - 09 Aug, 2011
10 Aug, 2004 - 09 Aug, 2006
Associate Professor
10 Aug, 2011 - 09 Aug, 2015
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1. Sultana R, Akter L and Zaman M W. 2019. Tolerance of lead and Chromium toxicity and their effect on kenaf and mesta at germination stage, Eco-friendly Agril. J. 12 (09): 67-73.

2. Sultana R. and Kobayashi K. 2016, Adsorption of Arsenic on soil under different soil moisture             condition, Pollution, 2: 211-220.

 3. Sultana R, Kobayashi K and Kim K-H. 2015. Comparison of Arsenic uptake ability of barnyard grass    and rice species for arsenic phytoremediation, Environ Monit Assess. 187:4101.

4. Karim M F, Zaman MW, Sultana R and Nizam MU. 2013. Chemical quality of surface water of   Bhola Sadar Upazilla in Bangladesh for irrigation, aquaculture, drinking and livestock consumption. J.   Environ Sci and Natur Resour. 6(1) 131-140.

5. Karim M F, Zaman MW, Nizam M U, Sultana R, Rumana A. 2013. Ground water quality status of Bhola Sadar Upazilla in Bangladesh for drinking, irrigation, livestock consumption and aquaculture. J.  Agrofor.  Environ. 7(1) 131-136.

6. Nizam M U, Zaman M W, Karim M F, Sultana R and Islam M S. 2013. Lead and Chromium toxicity   tolerance of jute, kenaf and Mesta at germination stage for phytoremediation. J. Patuakhali Sci. and   Tech. Univ. 4(1): 61-74.

7. Sultana R. and Kobayashi K. 2011. Potential of Barnyard grass to remediate As-contaminated     soil, Weed Biol. Manage.11: 12-17.

8. Sultana R. and Kobayashi K. 2011. Arsenic uptake by barnyard grass and rice in two types of     soils. Bangladesh J. crop sci. 21(1): 159-166.

9. Sultana R. and Zaman. M.W.  2008. Phytoremediation potential of some naturally grown weeds for   arsenic contaminated soils of Bangladesh, Ann. Bd. Agric.12: 99-105.

10. Sultana R. Zaman. M.W. and Islam S.M.N. 2006. Interaction of arsenic with other elements in arsenic   hyperaccumulating weeds, Bd. Agril. Univ. 4(2): 211-217.

11. Zaman  W. Mitra  N. and Sultana R. 2006. Growth and nutrient uptake of some naturally grown   weeds as influenced by As treatments, Bd. J. crop Sci.17 (1): 193-201.

12. Zaman M.W. Mitra N. and Sultana R. 2006. Phytoremediation of arsenic contaminated soils with     naturally grown weeds, Bd. J. Agril. Sci. 33 (1): 73-79.

 13. Sultana R. and Zaman. M.W. Chowdhury M.A.K, Islam S.M.N.  2005. Effect of arsenic on   growth   and biomass production of arsenic hyperaccumulating weeds, Bd. J. Crop Sci. 16 (2): 375-380.

14. Islam S.M.N., Hossain M.A., Rabbani M.G., Nasiruddin K.M. and Sultana R.2005. Agobacterium   Mediated Genetic transformation in Potato (Solanum tuberosum L.) Bd. J. Agril. Sci. 32 (1): 135-139.

15. Islam S.M.N., Rabbani M.G., Molla M.R., and Sultana R.2006.Standerization of in vitro regeneration   protocol of potato (Solanum tuberosum L.). Bd. J. Agril. Sci. 33(2):141-146.


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February 2014  Participated in ‘Research Showcase: Opportunities with ACIAR and the RDCs’  in QUT

October 2010    Participated in Ag-ESD symposium held in University of Tsukuba, Japan.

May 2010          Participated in the 3rd International Congress on Arsenic held in Taiwan.

April 2010       Participated in the annual conference by Weed Science Society of Japan in Fukui, Japan

May 2009     Participated in the 3rd in JKT student exchange seminar held in 2009 in the Kasetstart University, Bangkok, Thailand.

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Title Institution Subject Receipt Date
MEXT Scholarship by Ministry of Education,Japan University of Tsukuba Environmental Chemistry April,2007
Asian Youth fellowship (AYF) Japan Foundation-The JApanese Language Institute, Japan Japanese Language July 2006
Nurjahan Shriti Gold Medal Bangladesh Agricultural University Agriculture June 2010
Karim Shrity prize Bangladesh Agricultural University Agriculture August 2009
Vice-Chancellor Gold Medal in MS level Bangladesh Agricultural University Agricultural Chemistry March 2011
Membership Type Organization
General member Weed Science Society of Japan
Life member Japanese University Alumni Association in Bangladesh (JUUAB)
Life member Green Volunteer
Life member Progressive Agriculturist
Life member Bangladesh Academy of Science