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Dr. Shonia  Sheheli
Dr. Shonia Sheheli

Professor Contact No : 01711386441
Department of Agricultural Extension Education Email : ssheheli@yahoo.com
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Research Interest:    Agricultural extension, Gender, Rural development, Communication, Livelihood Development, Food and nutrition security, Climate change impact, Sustainable agriculture  
B.Sc.Ag.(Hons.)    - 1998
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Master Of Science In Agricultural Extension Education     - 2003
Bangladesh Agricultural University
PhD    - 2012
Humboldt-University Berlin
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Total Number:  10
20 May, 2004 - 05 Jun, 2006
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Assistant Professor
06 Jun, 2006 - 26 Jan, 2012
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Associate Professor
27 Jan, 2012 - 26 Jan, 2016
Bangladesh Agricultural University
27 Jan, 2016 -
Total Number:  20

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