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Dr. Ehsanul  Kabir
Dr. Ehsanul Kabir

Professor Contact No : 01843667834
Department of Farm Power and Machinery Email : kabir408@gmail.com
Faculty of Agricultural Engineering & Technology ResearchGate Google Scholar
Research Interest:   Atmospheric pollution: study of emerging air pollutants in varied environmental conditions, Environmental Chemistry, Environmental Sciences, Health hazards.
D. Sc.
Sejong University
South Korea
Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU)
Islamic University of Technology (IUT)
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2010 winter workshop of the KOSAE, 13 December, 2010, Sejong University, Seoul, Korea.

International conference on healthy city and environmental health, Korean Society of Environmental Health, 29-30 October, 2009, Seoul, Korea.

National conference of the Society of Korean Analytical Sciences 20-21 November, 2008, Yong Pyung, Korea

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