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Dr. Md. Sadiqul  Islam
Dr. Md. Sadiqul Islam

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Department of Marine Fisheries Science Email : sadiqul1973@yahoo.com
Faculty of Fisheries
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  1. Mansura MK, Md. Moniruzzaman M, Mostakim GM, Sadequr MRK, Rahman M K, Sadiqul M. Islam. 2018. Aberrations of the peripheral erythrocytes and its recovery patterns in a freshwater teleost, silver barb exposed to profenofos. Environmental Pollution 234: 830-837.
  2. Sadiqul M. Islam, Mohiful KS, Zannatul F, Mst. Mansura Khan, Rahman MK. 2017. Chronic exposure to quinalphos shows biochemical changes and genotoxicty in erythrocytes of silver barb, Barbonymus gonionotus. Interdisciplinary Toxicology 10(3): 99-106.
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4.      Sadiqul MI, Ferdous Z, Nannu MT, Mostakim GM, Rahman MK. 2016. Acute exposure to a quinalphos containing insecticide (convoy) causes genetic damage and nuclear changes in peripheral erythrocytes of silver barb, Barbonymus gonionotus. Environmental Pollution.  219:949-956. 


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  2. Takahashi A, Sadiqul MI, Abe H, Okubo K, Akazome Y, Kaneko T, Hioki H, Oka 2016. Morphological analysis of the early development of telencephalic and diencephalic gonadotropin-releasing hormone neuronal systems in enhanced green fluorescent protein-expressing transgenic medaka lines. The Journal of Comparative Neurology. 524(4):896-913. (USA)
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Papers published in national Journals


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