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Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Sayem
Mr. Sheikh Mohammad Sayem

Associate Professor Contact No : 01718642950
Department of Agricultural and Applied Statistics Email : sayem383@yahoo.com
Faculty of Agricultural Economics & Rural Sociology ResearchGate Google Scholar
Research Interest:    Constrained Statistical Inference, Multivariate Analysis, Forecasting Financial, Climatic and Agricutural Data, Econometrics, Agricultural Statistics, Educational Statistics, Industrial Statistics
Bachelor Of Science (B.Sc.)     - 2004
Jahangirnagar University
Higher Secondary Certificate (HSC)    - 1999
Gov Science College, Dhaka
Secondary School Certificate (SSC)    - 1997
Dhanmondi Govt. Boys' High School, Dhaka
Master Of Science (M.S.)     - 2005
Jahangirnagar University
Total Number:  6

1. Having experience as a National Consultant, Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations for the project entitled "Strengthening Agriculture Market Information System (AMIS) Project".

2. Project Experience (Principal-investigator)

  1. Econometric Investigation of Agro-food Processing Industries in Bangladesh: Prospects and Constraints Funded by BAURES (2020), Mymensingh.

3. Project Experience (Co-investigator)

  1. Economic Potentiality of Buffalo Farming in Bangladesh: A Farm-Household Level Baseline Survey funded by BLRI (2022).
  2. Risk assessment of pesticides induced health hazards among the tobacco farmers: A study towards to strengthen and implement new policy for tobacco cultivation control in Bangladesh funded by BCCP (2021).
  3. Assessment of developing potential enterprises towards attaining food security of people in Haor areas funded by BAURES (2016), Mymensingh.
  4. Sustainable Economic Development of Chittagong Hill Tracts: Options for Poverty Reduction and Food Security" funded by BARD (2017), Cumilla.




Total Number:  1

"8th Foundation Training for University Teachers" organized by Graduate Training Institute (GTI), Bangladesh Agricultural University Mymensingh (07 January 2012 to 20 February 2012)

19 Jan, 2011 - 18 Jan, 2013
Associate Professor
19 Jan, 2020 -
Assistant Professor
19 Jan, 2013 - 18 Jan, 2020
Total Number:  32


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Total Number:  25

1. Participated as a trainer/instructor in the different training program organized by :

  • Interdisciplinary Centre for Food Security (ICF), Bangladesh Agricultural University.
  • Graduate Training Institute (GTI), Bangladesh Agricultural University.
  • The Bureau of Socioeconomic Research and Training (BSERT), Bangladesh Agricultural University.
  • Bangladesh Beaure of Statistics (BBS).
  • Bangladesh Agricultural Research Council (BARC).
  • Bangladesh Jute Research Institute.
  • Bangladesh Fisheries Research Institute (BFRI).
  • Bangladesh Livestock Research Institute (BLRI).

2. Attended at least 10 national and international conference, workshop and seminars.


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Title Institution Subject Receipt Date
NST Fellowship Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh PhD Research 2017-2019
Membership Type Organization
Life Bangladesh Statistical Association