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Dr. Nasrin  Sultana
Dr. Nasrin Sultana

Associate Professor Contact No : 01721168178
Department of Anatomy and Histology Email : nasrin.sultana@bau.edu.bd
Faculty of Veterinary Science ResearchGate
Research Interest:    Immunoproteomics
DVM    - 2009
Bangladesh Agricultural University
MS In Anatomy    - 2011
Bangladesh Agricultural University
PhD    - 2015
University of Bonn
Total Number:  14

  Scientific publications :

  1. Sultana, N., M.Z.I. Khan, T. Amin, M. R. Jahan, and I. Uddin 2019. Preservation of internal organs of goat by an innovative method:  modified form of plastination. The Journal of Plastination. 31: 14-18.
  2. M Afrose., N Sultana., M R Islam. 2018. Physiological Responses of Corticosteroid, Dexamethasone in Broiler Chicken. International Journal of Science and Research.7:1459-63.
  3. Jannat, N., T. Amin., N. Sultana., M. R. Jahan., M. R. Islam. 2018. Long term administration of gentamicin affects hemato-biochemical parameters and liver architecture of Swiss Albino mice. Journal of advanced Biotechnology and experimental therapeutics. 1:29-35.
  4. Sultana, N., M. Afrin, T. Amin and M. Afrose. 2017. Macro and microscopic morphology of lyssa body in dog. Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary Medicine 15: 59-61.
  5. Jannat, N., Sultana., and M. R. Islam. 2017. Administration of gentamicin-induced hematobiochemical and renal morphological alterations in Swiss albino mice. African Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology 11: 426-432.
  6. Sultana, N., Häussler, S., Laubenthal, L., Locher, L., Winkler, J., Rehage, J., Dänicke, S., Sauerwein, H. 2015. Effects of over-conditioning on the protein expression of NF-κB and 11βHSD1 in adipose tissue of non-lactating dairy cows (submitted).
  7. Laubenthal, L., L. Ruda., N. Sultana., J. Winkler., J. Rehage., S. Dänicke., H. Sauerwein, S. Häussler. 2017. Effect of increasing body condition on oxidative stress and mitochondrial biogenesis in subcutaneous adipose tissue depot of non-lactating dairy cows. The Journal of Dairy Science 100:4976–4986.
  8. Sultana, N., Khan, M.Z.I., Choudhury, E.H., Islam, M.R. 2015. Molecular detection of cellular prion protein in brain tissues of black Bengal goat in Bangladesh. Journal of Tropical Resources and Sustainable Science 3: 1-4.
  9. Mishra, D., Sultana, N., Masum, M.A., Rahman, S.2014.Gross and histomorpho-logical studies of the oviduct of native chicken of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary Medicine 12: 9-15.
  10. Masum, M.A., Khan, M.Z.I., Siddiqi, M.N.H., Nasrin, M., Sultana, N. 2012. Frequency and distribution of immunoglobin containing plasma cells in ileum representating gut-associated-lymphatic tissues in the BCRDV-vaccinated broiler. Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary Medicine10: 15-20.
  11. Sultana, N., Khan, M.Z.I., Wares, M.A., Masum, M.A. 2011. Histomorphologicalstudy of the major lymphoid tissues in indigenous ducklings of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal of Veterinary Medicine9: 53-58.
  12. Sultana, N., Islam, M.R., Masum, M.A. 2011. Study on the innervations of brachial plexus in black Bengal goat of Bangladesh. International Journal of Bioresearch. 1: 1-3.
  13. Nasrin, M., Siddiqi, M.N.H., Khan, M.Z.I., Masum, M.A., Sultana, N. 2011Gross and histological studies of harderian gland and MALT (mucosa associated lymphoid tissue) of Broilers vaccinated with BCRDV. International Journal of Bioresearch. 1: 1-4.


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18 Jan, 2011 - 18 Jan, 2013
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Assistant Professor
19 Jan, 2013 - 18 Jan, 2017
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Associate Professor
19 Jan, 2017 -
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