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Dr. Md. Abdul  Kafi
Dr. Md. Abdul Kafi

Professor Contact No : +8801717007975
Department of Microbiology and Hygiene Email : makafi2003@bau.edu.bd
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Research Interest:   Md Abdul Kafi received DVM and MS in Microbiology from BAU, Bangladesh. Then, he pursued PhD in integrated Biotechnology from Sogang University, Korea. During PhD research, Dr. Kafi developed cell based sensor for environmental monitoring using label free electrochemical methods. Afterwards, he was awarded with Japanese Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS) fellowship for working at Kyushu University, Japan. In the postdoctoral research, he developed peptide functionalized chitosan scaffold suitable for supporting hMSC adhesion and proliferation for invitro 3D tissue growth. Dr. Kafi also awarded Marie Curie Individual fellowship at University of Glasgow, UK, where, he worked on BIOPOLYMER based platform for biocompatible, biodegradable and bioresorbable electronics for wearable/implantable diagnostic devices. His current research focussed on: Development of degradable sensor-patch for medical analytes; Invitro 3D tissue engineering as an alternative of Auto/Allo/Xeno graft; and Mammalian cellular redox based biosynthesis of nanoparticle (AgNP) and their antimicrobial effect study.
Marie Curie Fellow
University Of Glasgow
United Kingdom
JSPS Postdoc
Kyushu University
MS In Microbiology
Department of Microbiology, FVS, BAU
Sogang University
South Korea
Faculty of Veterinary Science
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17 Aug, 2015 -
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Associate Professor
17 Aug, 2011 - 17 Aug, 2015
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Assistant Professor
26 Sep, 2005 - 16 Aug, 2011
Bangladesh Agricultural University
28 Feb, 2004 - 25 Sep, 2005
Bangladesh Agricultural University
Total Number:  36
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Cell cycle measuring method based on an electrochemical measurement WO 2012102545 A2 2012 US20140024044, WO2012102545A3 Published as US patent
Title Institution Subject Receipt Date
Marie Curie Individual fellowship European Commission, University of Glasgow, UK Tissue Engineering 2016
JSPS Postdoctoral fellowship Kyushu University, Japan Biomedical Engineeing 2012
Post doctoral Research fellowship at SINAPSE National University of Singapore Biomedical Engineering 2012
Brain Korea 21 fellowship Sogang University Biofusion technology 2007
Travel Grants award Borstel, Germany Attenuated vaccine production 2007
SLDP felloship DLS Ms Thesis 2003
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Life Member Bangladesh Society for the Veterinary Education and Research
Life Member Bangladesh Society for the Microbiology
Life Member Bangldesh Society for the Veterinary Microbiology and Public Health
Life Member Bangladesh JSPS Allumni Association