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Dr. Thahsin  Farjana
Dr. Thahsin Farjana

Professor Contact No :
Department of Parasitology Email : tfarjanamunni@yahoo.com
Faculty of Veterinary Science
Research Interest:   Effect of climate change on vectors and vector borne diseases, Epidemiology and biology of mosquitoes and mosquito borne diseases, Ecology and epidemiology of parasitic diseases, Molecular epidemiology and molecular biology of arthropod vectors, Host-parasite interaction
DVM    - 1999
Bangladesh Agricultural University
MS     - 2003
Bangladesh Agricultural University
PhD    - 2011
Kanazawa University
Total Number:  8

1. Effect of climate change on vectors

2. Epidemiology of mosquitoes.

3. Mutiple feeding and host seeking of mosquitoes.

4. Vector efficiency of mosquitoes.

5. Duck parasites.

6. Epidemiology of vector snails.

7. Epidemiology an dpathology of parasitic diseases.

8. Host-vector interaction.

Total Number:  5

1. International interactive course on Special English. Offered by Graduate School of natural Science and Technology, Kanazawa University, Japan.

2. A Short Programme on Communicative English. Offered by Department of Laguages, Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU), Mymensingh-2202.

3. Teaching Methods and Techniques. Offered by GTI (Graduate Training Institute), BAU, Mymensingh-2202.

4. Training on Miscrosoft Office. Offeref by GTI, BAU, Mymensingh-2202.

5. Academic Foundation Training for University Teachers. Offered by GTI, BAU, Mymensingh-2202.

27 Sep, 2015 -
Associate Professor
06 Jun, 2006 - 26 Sep, 2015
Assistant Professor
06 Jun, 2006 - 26 Sep, 2011
29 Feb, 2004 - 05 Jun, 2006
Total Number:  2

1. 58th Entomological Society of America (ESA) Annual Meeting: Ento-2010. Organized by Entomological Society of America. held at San-Diego, california, USA. 12-15 December-2010.

2. 23rd World Poultry Congress (WPC 2008). organized by World Poultry Scinece Association. held at Brisbane, Queensland, Australia. 30 June-4 July. 2008.

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