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Dr. Shirin  Akter
Dr. Shirin Akter

Associate Professor Contact No : +88-01712728569
Department of Parasitology Email : shirin.akter@bau.edu.bd
Faculty of Veterinary Science ResearchGate
Research Interest:   Molecular diagnostics of parasitic diseases. Epidemiology of vector-borne protozoan diseases in livestock.  
MS    - 2011
Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh
DVM    - 2009
Bangladesh Agricultural University
PhD    - 2017
Hokkaido University
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Associate Professor
19 Jan, 2018 -
Assistant Professor
19 Jan, 2013 - 18 Jan, 2018
19 Jan, 2011 - 18 Jan, 2013
Total Number:  15
  1. Alam MZ, Dey AR, Parvin S, Akter S, Rony SA. ITS1-PCR based identification of chicken Eimeria species in poultry litter from Mymensingh district, Bangladesh. Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research, 8(3):489–493, 2021.
  2. Bawm S, Myaing TT, Thu MJ, Akter S, Htun LL, Win MM, Nonaka N, Nakao R, Katakura K, PCR detection and genetic characterization of piroplasms from dogs in Myanmar, and a possible role of dogs as reservoirs for Theileria parasites infecting cattle, water buffaloes, and goats. Ticks and Tick-borne Diseases, 12: 101729, 2021.
  3. Parvin S, Dey AR, Akter S, Anisuzzaman, Talukder MH, Alam MZ. Molecular Identification of Mecistocirrus digitatus in Cattle from Mymensingh Region of Bangladesh Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University, 19 (1): 67-72, 2021.
  4. Alam MZ, Akter S, T Islam, Khatun F, Parvin S, Dey AR. Investigation of Eimeria Oocyst Concentrations and Species Composition in Litter from Commercial Broiler Farms. Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University, 18 (4): 1001–1006, 2020.
  5. Akter S, Nakao R,Imasato Y, Alam MZ, Katakura K. Potential of cell-free DNA as a screening marker for parasite infections in dog. Genomics, 111:  906-912, 2019.
  6. Alam MZ, Rahman MM, Akter S, Talukder MH and Dey AR. An investigation about the possible role of cattle and goats as reservoir hosts for Leishmania donovani in Bangladesh. Journal of Vector Borne Diseases, 5: 242–244, 2018.
  7. Islam S, Dey AR, Akter S, Biswas H, Talukder MH and Alam MZ. Status of anthelmintic resistance of gastrointestinal nematodes in organized sheep and goat farms. Asian Journal of Medical and Biological Research, 4 (4): 378-382, 2018.
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  10. Qiu Y, Nakao R, Thu MJ, Akter S, Alam MZ, Kato S, Katakura K, and Sugimoto C. Molecular evidence of spotted fever group rickettsiae and Anaplasmataceae from ticks and stray dogs in Bangladesh. Parasitological Reseasrch, 115: 949–955, 2016.
  11. Terao M, Akter S, Yasin MG, Nakao R, Kato H, Alam MZ, and Katakura K. Molecular detection and genetic diversity of Babesia gibsoni in dogs in Bangladesh. Infection Genetics and Evolution, 31: 53–60, 2015.
  12. Khatun F, Begum N, Akter S and Mondal MMH. In vitro study of environmental and nutritional factors on the hatching and development of eggs of Haemonchus contortus. The Bangladesh Veterinarian, 30: 1 – 9, 2013.
  13. Akter S, Alam MZ, Islam MT and Mondal MMH. Seroepidemiological study of visceral leishmaniasis and cattle as a possible reservoir host at Trishal Upazila in Bangladesh. Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University, 10: 79–86, 2012.
  14. Paul AK, Tanjim M, Akter S, Rahman MA and Talukder M. Prevalence of ectoparasites in black Bengal goat at the Gaibandha district of Bangladesh. Bangladesh Journal Progressivce Science & Technology, 10: 5-8, 2012.
  15. Islam Z, Alam M Z, Akter S, Roy BC and Mondal MMH. Distribution patterns of vector snails and trematode cercaria in their vectors in some selected areas of Mymensingh. J Environ Science & Natural Resources, 5: 37- 46, 2012.
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