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Mr.  Md. Iqramul  Haque
Mr. Md. Iqramul Haque

Assistant Professor Contact No : 01735868890
Department of Physiology Email : tomalhq@bau.edu.bd
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Research Interest:    Avian Nutritional Physiology Lab animal Physiology Endocrinology Biomedical diagnostics Apoptosis Cellular regeneration
DVM    - 2015
Bangladesh Agricultural University
MS    - 2016
Bangladesh Agricultural University
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Comparative analysis of using probiotics and antibiotic growth promoters in broilers.

hemato-biochemical profiles

Body weight

Intestinal microbial population

Attenuating effect of curcumin in hyperlipidemic mice

Hypocholesterolemic potential of ginger in butter fed mice 


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Basics of MS office

Scientific Report Writing (2 trainings)

Communicative English

Statistical Analysis of Veterinary Research Data

Training on Bioinformatics for sustainable Development in Agriculture and Health

Training on Teaching Methods and Techniques

Assistant Professor
28 Feb, 2018 -
28 Feb, 2016 -
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  1. Haque MI, Ahmad N, Miah MA,  2017, Comparative analysis of body weight and serum biochemistry in broilers supplemented with some selected probiotics and antibiotic growth promoters. Journal of Advanced Veterinary and Animal Research, 4(3): 288-29
  2. Shanta AJ, Haque MI, Rahman MA, Islam MK,2017, Biochemical status of serum and corresponding milk constituents of cows kept under commercial farming system in Bangladesh, Bangladesh Veterinary Medical Record, 3(1&2): 27-33.
  3. Talukder MI,Haque MI, Sarker S, Sujan MK, Miah MA, 2017, Hypocholesterolemic effect of ginger extract in butter fed mice, Bangladesh Veterinary Medical Record, 3(1&2): 35-42.
  4. Sarker S, Haque MI,Talukder MI , Sujan MK, Miah MA, 2019,Curcumin attenuates butter fat induced hyperlipidemia in mice, Journal of Bangladesh Agricultural University, 17(2): 220-225., DOI:10.3329/jbau.v17i2.41972
  5. E. Hauque, K. M. Sujan M. I. Haque, M. A. Miah, M.M. Hossain, M. K. Islam, 2019, Evaluation of Bisphenol A induced effects on blood bio-chemical constituents and histo-structure of liver in Swiss albino mice and its 'One health ' perspective. Journal of veterinary medical and one health research, 1 (1): 75-83.



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1.BSVER ASCon25, 2019

2. 2nd Conference of Continuing Education for the Veterinarians of Banglades 2018

3.BSVER ASCon24, 2018

4.BSVER ASCon23, 2017

5.BSVER ASCon23, 2017


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